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52 IM Posts

Bonus #1 - 52 Industry "Value" Posts

If you're stuck what to post, you will enjoy my collection of 52 "value" posts relating to the online marketing industry! Choose one you like, repurpose and publish! There's enough here for one post per week for an entire year!

Here's just some of the posts included in this collection:

5 Decade-Old Email Tips I Use to Crush It on Facebook
Everybody's Giving "Value"... But Nobody's Making Money
Hidden Success Rules Which Keep Newbie Marketers Poor
High Ticket Affiliates Not Making Sales Read This
How to Effortlessly "Out Content" Your Competition
Nipping a Messenger Interrogation in the Bud
Stop Apologising for Trying to Succeed
The Case Against Giving Value
Why Successful Organic Marketers Suddenly Disappear
Why the RVL Formula Doesn't Work

Bonus #2 - 365 Days of Memes Collection

You get a fresh online marketing meme to use every day of the year with this exclusive collection!

These memes are different to what is offered in my free Daily Meme Club, plus, they are all unbranded so do not include any reference to the Social Media Method!

Here are just some of the memes included in this collection:

Batman Slapping Robin
Boardroom Meeting Suggestion
Change My Mind
Drake Hotline Bling
Disaster Girl
Mocking Spongebob
Train Hitting a School Bus
Tuxedo Winnie the Pooh
Waiting Skeleton
Zero Percent Interest

Crypto Memes

Bonus #3 - 365 Crypto Memes Collection

If you're involved with any crypto currency programs, this hand-picked collection of 365 memes will help to solve your content dilemma every day for an entire year!

NFT Memes

Bonus #4 - 365 NFT Memes Collection

If you're involved with NFTs, this hand-picked collection of 365 memes will help you post related content every day for an entire year!

Halloween Memes

Bonus #5 - 100+ Halloween Memes Collection

This hand-picked collection of over 100 memes will enable to you give your content a Halloween theme - helping you stand out in a crowded feed!

Christmas Memes

Bonus #6 - 100+ Christmas Memes Collection

Spread cheer, goodwill and increase your engagement during the festive season with this collection of over 100 hand-picked Christmas-themed memes! 

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