Promote Social Media Method As An Affiliate & Earn Commissions on Two Levels!

Earn commissions on every sale of the program you make... and also on every sale made by your customers!

Generate a true passive income by offering this in-demand organic marketing training to your audience!

Tier One - Earn 50% of every sale of the Social Media Method you make!
Tier Two - Earn a further 50% on sales made by your customers!
Weekly or fortnightly payments made by trusted Clickbank!

Affiliates Are Enjoying First & Second Tier Commissions Just By Sharing The Social Media Method With Their Audience!

Mandy Verboort

Mandy Made Over $1,000 In Just 7 Days!

This is Mandy.

A busy grandmother-of-eight from the UK.

In the past seven days, she's found time in-between changing nappies and baby-sitting duties to make $1,079.22 in commissions.

Mandy shared her results daily, inviting her audience to watch her income grow.

She made those $1,000+ commissions from her direct sales.

However, The Social Media Method boasts a two-tier affiliate program.

If each of her 15 customers makes just one sale per week...

That's $675 in weekly passive second tier commissions in Mandy's back pocket.

Heck, if they each only make one sale per month...

It's still an extra $675 monthly for no extra effort.

Wow! Garry Made $2.7k... Doing Nothing!

Here's Garry, an affiliate of the Social Media Method.

He pocketed over $2,700 in just two days... without making a single sale himself.

The Social Media Method has a lucrative, two-tier commission structure.

Which means you get paid a percentage on each sale of the program you make...

Plus, you get paid AGAIN each time your customer makes a sale of their own.

So, even though Garry didn't make any sales himself, one of his customers made a lot of them...

Banking Garry a huge number of passive commissions in the process.

Of course, this is an exceptional result.

However, it just goes to show what is possible when payments are made on two levels.

One or two decent affiliates in your second tier and those secondary commissions can soon stack up.

Garry Baker

Philip Borrowman

Philip Made Over $7,000 In Just 2 Days!

Over the weekend, Philip made a whopping 67 sales...

Adding to the 11 he generated previously during a mini promotion.

In total, those 78 sales banked him over $7,000 in commissions.

To be totally transparent, Philip is an experienced marketer who has a large and loyal following cultivated over many years.

He didn't just throw up a few posts on social media of an evening and then count up the money the next morning.

This was also the first affiliate promotion he'd ran this year...

And because he doesn't blast any old rubbish to his customers, he's almost "guaranteed" a fantastic result when he puts a high quality product in front of them.

If you have an existing customer base, you could earn some serious commissions by introducing them to the Social Media Method

Let's Hear It For Tony 10 Sales!

Tony just hit his 10 sales milestone as an affiliate.

He's achieved this in just over a week...

(Eight days if you're keeping score).

Tony has been making sales consistently since getting involved...

With each one an opportunity to create a valuable "income proof" piece of content he can publish on social media.

Which, in turn will encourage new leads to contact him for more information on how he's stacking up those green and brown bars daily.

Plus, the fact Tony is actively demonstrating his ability to make money from affiliate marketing means he's in a strong position to close further sales in any other program he's involved with.

Leverage the power of the Social Media Method and become an attractive affiliate!

Tony Newton

Paul Carr

Paul's First Commission In Just 12 Hours!

Have you been slogging away but are yet to make your first affiliate sale?

It shouldn't be that difficult.

If you're involved with the right program and following the right training...

Your first sale can happen quickly.

Like it did for Paul, who took just 12 hours to earn his first commission promoting the Social Media Method!

He broke down the process he followed in a post of his own.

Which, I'm going to shamelessly "borrow" and republish here.


1. Follow the course tutorials.​

2. Make one post.​

3. Make a sale and earn a commission.​

It really can be as easy as that!

Three Sales In Three Days For Brian!

This is Brian, a marketer from the UK who's also a top 10% affiliate on the Warrior Plus platform.

So, I was delighted to have somebody of that pedigree get involved with the Social Media Method.

He didn't start promoting right away...

But once he got behind it, he made two sales in 48 hours.

That soon became three sales in as many days...

With many more to come.

Brian also has second tier commissions to look forward to...

Where he'll receive a cut of every sale of the program made by his customers.

Brian Alcock

Here's How  YOU Can Start Earning Commissions Two Levels Deep...

The first thing you need to do...

Is become an active customer of the Social Media Method!

It's a closed, approval-only affiliate program only available to paid-up customers.

This is to help keep the traffic quality high and to help more people get paid.

Also, it prevents unethical marketers from purchasing through their own affiliate link...

Effectively securing a discount but also robbing other affiliates of a deserved commission in the process.

If you haven't done so already, please purchase your copy of the Social Media Method below to get started...


Order Now - Just $997

Try Social Media Method For a Full 60 Days Risk Free!

Get It Today & You'll Have Everything You Need

To Enjoy Endless Organic Leads and Sales!

Once You've Purchased, Here's How To  Register As An Affiliate...

Send an email which includes details of your Clickbank nickname and a copy of your receipt of purchase of Social Media Method to:
If accepted, you will then receive an affiliate contract via email which you need to approve in your Clickbank account - this is to set you up to receive two-tier commissions.
Once you've approved this contract, you can promote the Social Media Method using the following link:

NB: Remember to replace YOURCBHERE with your own Clickbank nickname!

Frequent Affiliate Questions

Do I have to purchase Social Media Method to promote it as an affiliate?

Yes, you do! Social Media Method has a closed, approval only affiliate program to keep the traffic quality high and also to prevent unethical marketers from purchasing through their own affiliate link.

How do I get my affiliate link?

Please scroll above and follow the instructions in the red, dashed box to get approved as an affiliate and obtain your link.

The Attractive Affiliate module in the members area goes through the process in step-by-step videos.

What is the best way to promote Social Media Method as an affiliate?

I recommend becoming a "product of the product". So, go through the training in Social Media Method and promote the program via the organic marketing methods it guides you through. Easy!

I can't promote Social Media Method any more - what happened?

It's possible Clickbank has banned your account if you sent a large volume of "junk" clicks to your affiliate link, e.g. traffic exchange, safelists, bulk 'visitors' etc.

Or, if you got a refund on your purchase of Social Media Method, you are no longer eligible to promote as an affiliate.

I can't sign up for Clickbank to get an affiliate link

There's usually two reasons for this - either you live in a country which Clickbank doesn't support, or you've had some previous trouble with your account and can no longer use the platform as an affiliate. 

It's not something I can resolve but please contact Clickbank's support directly here.

Can I get a review copy of Social Media Method?

Most of the time, no. I'm looking to work with marketers who are serious about becoming attractive affiliates and who want to build an extra income stream by promoting this program. To do that, you need to be a paid customer of Social Media Method.

However, if you're a proven affiliate who can do serious numbers, then please get in contact and we can discuss what you have in mind.

See You On The Inside...

David Walker

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